Primary school and Kindergarten


„Kindergarten and elementary school moving in together under one roof”

We took the pedagogic-spatial concept for the new building in the heart of Bezau literally.

The project unites kindergarten and elementary school in a center for learning and living on a very efficient layout. With a footprint of only 616m² it is more compact than the current municipal office at the same place. The building communicates a confident yet sensible architectural language. It can be considered as the urban development completion of the village center.
The main entrance follows the outlines of the new municipal office building in the south and opens up towards the western side of the cemetery.

The loose layout of the generous forecourt inbetween these two buidlings invites you to stay, meet and play with classmates or simply rest and enjoy yourself underneath the shade-giving tree. The straight and compromised design of the building and the subtraction of the spacious loggias enables the maximum usage of sunlight throughout the day.

The design adapts the typical method of construction in Bezau. The saddleback roof with its high attica allows the building to look smaller on the outside while having another floor on the inside.

Project details

Project Status: Competition 2020
Project Type: Kindergarten and primary school
Location: Bezau, Austria