The idea of the design is based on the revaluation of the area between the church and the street and the restructuring of different exterior areas. Due to newly created visual connections the importance of both, the church and the preserved old guest house, increase. The positioning of the new buildings creates exciting outdoor spaces of various qualities

Pfarrhofneubau in Schnifis - Wettbewerb

The rectory moves closer to the crossroad and so creates a new space on the east side. Due to its central location it is an important square for the whole village. Together with the surrounding buildings, the simple, 3-storey building forms a coherent overall picture and harmoniously blends into the existing village center of Schnifis in terms of cubature, height, roof shape and choice of materials.

A new laying-out hall extends the cemetery area and forms a small forecourt. Due to an extension of the cemetery wall, it is surrounded on all sides.

A narrow, one-storey building completes the ensemble. It includes a public toilet, a storage room for equipment and disposal and a covered seating area.

Pfarrhofneubau in Schnifis - Wettbewerb

Project details

Project type: invited competition
In collaboration with: DI Hein, DI Thurnher
Submission: November 2006