House for Father and Son


The aim of the project was to design two residential units, each with its own large outdoor area on a just 800m² plot.

Doppelhaus H. in Hörbranz - Anischt Zugang

The floor plans evolve over two L-shaped angles, each of them shielding the garden against the street and neighbouring properties. The roof terraces on the garages offer additional outdoor areas that enhance the quality of living on the upper floors. Despite the very low construction costs, it was possible to achieve an ÖKO 1- Standard due to an optimal thermal insulation and a solar system. Thanks to close cooperations to the builders and authorities the entire project was accomplished in a record time of exactly one year!

Doppelhaus H. in Hörbranz - architektonisches Konzept Doppelhaus H. in Hörbranz - Ansicht Garage Doppelhaus H. in Hörbranz - Ansicht Detail Doppelhaus H. in Hörbranz - Detail Fassade-Fenster

Project details

Project type: Realisation
Energy standard: Low-energy house
Finalisation: September 2005


Doppelhaus H. in Hörbranz - Modell