Lower Austrian State Gallery


The new national gallery in Krems marks a cultural crystallization point in the heart of Lower Austria. Located not far from the Danube in the World Heritage area of Wachau, it does not only make connections to all parts of the country by linking its content. In addition, a striking structure lays the foundation stone for a visitor catchment area far beyond the borders of Lower Austria. The design is aware of this responsibility, marks a clearly legible cubic structure, which is sliced through cuts on all sides. These cuts also represent connecting lines that focus on and spread out views, paths, communication, relationships, functions, streams of visitors and information in their center.

Wettbewerb Galerie Krems - Außenbereich
Wettbewerb Galerie Krems - Übersichtsplan NOE Wettbewerb Galerie Krems - Übersichtsplan Krems

Project details

Project type: open competition, 1.successor
Submission: September 2014


Wettbewerb Galerie Krems - Schwarzplan Wettbewerb Galerie Krems - Schnitt Wettbewerb Galerie Krems - 1. Obergeschoss