Flying Books


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Vorarlberg state library, a sign should be set to make the celebrations and accompanying events more visible. The generous park around the building seemed ideal for that. As an essential part of the work, Martin Simma, the initiator of the idea, wanted to include young people in the process of the implementation. Within a relatively simple but effective idea and little technical effort that possibility should have been given.

A swarm of books that traverse the park in free flight was the basic idea. The books as abstract, white, seemingly living sculptures - inspire the imagination even before entering the park. A fluorescent coating gives these almost ghostly creatures a special attraction during the day, but also an effective setting for the events at night.

Fliegende Bücher in Bregenz
Fliegende Bücher in Bregenz Fliegende Bücher in Bregenz - Schüler

Project details

Project type: Realisation
Finalisation: July 2005


Fliegende Bücher in Bregenz - Lageplan