Hideout H2


A simple wooden house was set on a massive pedestal in the hillside. The orientation of the two-story loggia follows the client's favorite view over the valley into the Wienerwald.
The interior develops around an exposed concrete core in which the stairs, buidling services and wet rooms could be meaningfully accommodated. The living space is placed on the ground floor. The bedrooms and a working area are arranged on the upper floor. They are connected by a two-storey airspace. The entire wooden structure consists of prefabricated solid wood elements with a white-tinned finish. Insulation was done with wood wool and the façade was made of rough spruce planks. Great emphasis has been placed on the use of untreated, natural materials. The heating takes place by means of a central wood stove supplemented by a floor heating in some areas. The building services were kept deliberately minimal. From the beginning, the focus was on an overall concept that was limited to the essentials.

Red Bull has produced a portrait of this house. Click here to watch.

Haus H2 in Rekawinkel - Ansicht
Haus H2 in Rekawinkel - Panorama Haus H2 in Rekawinkel - Innenraum Haus H2 in Rekawinkel - Innenraum Haus H2 in Rekawinkel - Innenraum Haus H2 in Rekawinkel - Innenraum

Project details

Project type: Realisation
Energy standard: Low-energy house
Finalisation: September 2017


Haus H2  in Rekawinkel - Schnitte Haus H2  in Rekawinkel - Grundrisse