Village fountain


The fountain system in the centre of Lochau is situated on a newly created, slightly elevated square next to the municipal office overlooking Lake Constance. It consists a drinking fountain which offers refreshment and a fountain for sitting - an oasis of tranquillity appealing for whiling away. Both fountains are made of solid anthracite blue granite.

Brunnenanlage in Lochau - Gesamt

As a horizontal element the flowing well plays with the consideration of the "upward flowing water": via stepped recesses water flows upwards to the highest point. The two elements, stone and water, with their differences in consistency, mass, color, state of aggregation, dynamics, temperature and symbolism, unite to form the clear geometric shape of the fountain. As a standing element, the drinking fountain closes the square on the side and, in conjunction with the existing tree, creates a coherent ensemble as a meeting point and symbol for the community.

Brunnenanlage in Lochau - Detail Brunnen Brunnenanlage in Lochau - Detail Brunnen Brunnenanlage in Lochau - Brunnen 

Project details

Project type: Realisation
Finalisation: July 2004


Brunnenanlage in Lochau - Skizze Grundriss und Anischt