After a careful consideration between extension and new construction, a separate structure on the newly purchased land seems to be the better choice for several reasons. Despite the disadvantage of not connecting the two volumes when constructing a new building, advantages like a much simpler implementation, economical aspects, better exposure and orientation options, a differentiated development, compatible integration into the local structure and the creation of child-friendly outdoor spaces are created.


The new structure is designed to have the least possible footprint in the slope. The basement floor made of in-situ concrete jumps back horizontally. This creates generous covered outdoor areas for the children and prevents the glass surfaced classrooms from overheating in the warm season.

Wettbewerb Schulerweiterung in Eichgraben - Rendering GEsamtansicht 

The rooms on the ground floor are graded in height so the structural intervention in the slope can be minimized. As a result, a slope stabilization can be avoided and construction costs can be saved. The upper floor is built within a clear grid of prefabricated wooden elements. This ecological construction allows much shorter construction times.


The spatial structure is extremely flexible - the access zones simultaneously serve as group rooms and communication zones. A wide variety of cluster combinations can be formed and a multifunctional use with diverse space combinations is possible. The wooden surfaces create a comfortable atmosphere that encourages children to learn and make their stay as pleasant as possible for them and their teachers.

Wettbewerb Schulerweiterung in Eichgraben - Rendering Innenraum

Project details

Project type: invited competition
Submission: November 2016


Wettbewerb Schulerweiterung in Eichgraben - Konzept