Wien Museum New


The new Wien Museum is situated as a self-assured solitaire in the vicinity of the surrounding buildings at the edges of Vienna's Karlsplatz. It uses this competition as an opportunity to clarify the unsatisfactorily urban situation around the Karlskirche and to significantly enhance it. The new building acts as an urban connection with a spacious open foyer on two sides. The solitaire finds a symbiotic juxtaposition with the existing buildings. In addition, a massive, partially covered staircase defines a continuation of the urban space. From up there one can enjoy the wonderful view above the Karlskirche. Open air cinemas and concerts also find space here. Moreover there is a possibility to continue exhibitions into the exterior space or just enjoy a lunch break on the wooden loungers. The new museum will also become an urban catalyst for the entire Karlsplatz, beyond its function as a modern exhibition house.

Wettbewerb Wien Museum - Rendering 
Wettbewerb Wien Museum - Rendering Innenraum Wettbewerb Wien Museum - Rendering Nacht

Project details

Project type: open competition, recognition
Submission: September 2015


Wettbewerb Wien Museum - Lageplan Wettbewerb Wien Museum - Schnittansicht