Redesign evangelical church


The church will be preserved in its basic structure. Disturbing installations such as the war memorial, pulpit and the partition in the choir room should get eliminated and a contemporary, reduced spatial language with clear proportions and harmonious materials will be generated. For this purpose, all unnecessary decorative elements such as wall lights, pictures, plaques, etc. will be removed.
The church gets a new center, which is situated central in the nave. Flexible furniture elements allow a wide variety of adaptations.

Wettbewerb Evangelische Kirche Bregenz - Kirchenraum

The chancel, which is one level higher than the entrance area, is extended by approx. 3 m in the direction of the gallery. This creates a generous, differently usable area. Here the service can take place for various occasions as well as concerts, discussions, artistic performances and more. The warm wooden floor gives the entire space a cozy and warm atmosphere. Six benches are designed so that they all can be stowed in one wooden piece of furniture along the front wall.

The new interventions are determined by a purposeful and reserved materialization. Oak, onyx, hand-burnished steel and glass are the defining elements. Precise craftsmanship and laying of the materials are very important to give the church a corresponding timelessness and longevity.

Wettbewerb Evangelische Kirche Bregenz - Kirchenraum Wettbewerb Evangelische Kirche Bregenz - Altarraum Wettbewerb Evangelische Kirche Bregenz - Sitzbank

Project details

Project type: invited competition, 2nd place
Submission: September 2015