Housing complex

Keutschach am See

Located on a steep slope near the northern shore of the Keutschacher See, this apartment complex is divided into three roughly equal white structures with gabled roofs. Each of the nine apartments has private exterior areas and lake views. Additionally, a communal terrace with seatings and a children's area are located along the accessing area. The base area with office spaces and garages allows optimal embedding in the difficult terrain. For energy-efficient operations, the apartment complex is equipped with a heating pump and photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Apartmentanlage Keutschach am See - Ausblick Balkon Apartmentanlage Keutschach am See - Hofsituation

Project details

Project Status: Finalisation July 2015
Project Type: Housing complex, Competition 1.Place
Location: Keutschach am See, Austria