Housing development Bäumleareal


A two-storey wing along the Lindauer Straße and seven main houses with different heights are placed around the existing building of the former production hall of the company Diem. The arrangement creates complex interspaces of different size and quality.
The vertical development is staggered to the higher-developed Hörbranzer road, thus creating viewing connections to the west. Since all apartments are exposed on at least two sides, the living rooms can be oriented to the sun very well.

Wettbewerb Wohnbebauung Bäumleareal - Modell

The game between different volumes allows a design of differentiated exterior spaces, which experience various uses. Playgrounds for different age groups, barbecue areas, bicycle storages, picnic sets, benches and community gardens will be provided. The main houses allow a dissolution of content and scale differences, as they bring individual and collective elements in line. This type offers optimal orientation as well as a central and economic development. Despite the building depth of up to 19 meters, all lounges, kitchens and bathrooms can be naturally exposed and ventilated.   Each apartment in the main houses has a spacious outdoor area like a private garden, a loggia or a roof terraces.

Wettbewerb Wohnbebauung Bäumleareal - Ansicht

Project details

Project type: invited competition
Submission: March 2015