Schendlingen - Vorkloster

The aim of this project was the conversion and extension of a school campus in Bregenz Schendlingen - Vorkloster.
In terms of urban planning, the project responds to the two scales that can be found in the immediate vicinity. On the one hand it responds to the larger structures on the northeast side and on the other hand to the small-scale family home landscape that prevails elsewhere in the area. The clusters are situated along an elongated accessing line. They take on the height of the existing sports and event hall. The five structures are arranged in a way so that each are set onto spaces between the surrounding buildings.

Wettbewerb Campus Schendlingen - Vorkloster - Rendering

The entrance area is located in front of the administrative wing, but at the same time it is separated from it by an open and transparent library. A generous 5m wide ramp leads to the main junction in the house from which it is possible to get to at the clusters on the ground floor, to the upper floor, tp the cafeteria, to the gym in the basement and to the sports hall. The entire ground floor has the same level as the existing sports hall. The concept of the cluster is implemented in form of groupings, consisting of three classrooms, a common room, a staff room and integrated sanitary rooms and cloakrooms. The lined-up clusters are accessable by a transparent corridor which offers an extended common space for play, study and movement and constitutes a space for informal encounters. The basement was kept as compact as possible to minimize the technical and financial expense.
Due to the separability of all functional areas, events of any kind are possible via the main entrance, without affecting the classrooms. Another covered entrance on the side of the sports fields allows the external use of the hall for sports purposes.

Project details

Project type: invited competition
In collaboration with: Andreas Stickel
Submission: May 2014


Wettbewerb Campus Schendlingen - Vorkloster - Lageplan