Community centre


The four-storey building moves to the site's northeast corner, thereby evolving an open village square by structuring the surrounding. Standing on this square the house's ground floor opens on all sides and becomes a house for everyone. Both, the separate staircase leading to all levels and the central entrance hall can be reached completely barrier-free.

Wettbewerb Gemeindehaus Lochau - Rendering

Due to the quadratic shaped design of the volume and the uniformly designed facades, the building embodies a democratic, in all directions neutral, but identity-forming architecture. A house for all concerns - for all groups - for all citizens.
All other functions are housed at the west in a community house, which also defines the new village square. Bank, police, doctors' offices and apartments are accessable from the square. Due to that the place automatically gets activated by the mentioned functions.

Project details

Project type: invited competition, recognition
Submission: December 2013


Wettbewerb Gemeindehaus Lochau - Konzept