The redesign of the Favoritenstrasse in Vienna's 4th district was the task of a competition launched by the City of Vienne in 2001. The winning project featured different columns with the same shape and size, which dealt differently with the application of light.

Neugestaltung der Favoritenstraße - Lichtsäulen

Two types finally got realised: one got adapted for a large Viennese advertising company as a lit advertising pillar and the other one is a so-called green pillar - overgrown and flooded with light from within. Since the successful use of both types the area of application has already been extended to almost the entire urban area of Vienna.

Neugestaltung der Favoritenstraße - Litfaßsäule Neugestaltung der Favoritenstraße - Grünsäule Neugestaltung der Favoritenstraße - Lichtsäulen

Project details

Project type: open competition, 1st place/realisation
Finalisation: January 2002