Trogen (CH)

The building shape is generated in such a way that each components get a maximum of sunshine and views. The energy concept is based on the Activehouse standard.

The developed design marks an endpoint of the village's settlement in the northeast, which allows vistas and generates a semi-public space.
The three new houses take on the height and volume of neighboring buildings. The evolving silhouette of the diffrrently cutted gable roofs create a correspondence to each other, as well as to the rest of the village. The single-family house as a closing element of this settlement is of particular importance: due to its tower-like building form, it gives the street a salary-worthy completion and defines the situation along the road confidently and decisively.

Wettbewerb Liegenschaft Schopfacker in Trogen - Rendering Gesamtansicht

By rearranging the buildings on the plot, views and different spaces arise to all sides. Just like the sensitively differentiated transitions between the public path and the private entrance area, the new building ensemble defines a semi-public space from which all three houses can be accessed.
The front gardens invite you to linger and chat. Additionally the semi-open connecting areas enhance the square. They enable distance and, if desired, communication. A sliding gate allows the terrace of the single-family home to open to the plaza easily or on the other hand to seperate the terrace by laths that still let sunlight through.

Wettbewerb Liegenschaft Schopfacker in Trogen - Rendering Ansicht Hofsituation Wettbewerb Liegenschaft Schopfacker in Trogen - Rendering Innenraum

Project details

Projecttype: invited competition, 2nd place
Energy standard: Active house
Submission: February 2012