Comturey Keller

Insel Mainau

The view from the east to the island is one of the "postcard views" of Mainau. Visitors approaching by ship can enjoy a picturesque panorama of the castle, the church, the palm house, the castle wall and the Comturey tower. The castle and the few surrounding architectural elements characterize the situation and show from afar that this place has a long history to tell. The demolition of the existing, heterogeneous and outdated catering facilities around the Comturey tower offers a special opportunity to react sensitively to this situation and thereby preserve its unique face at the lakeside.

Wettbewerb Insel Mainau - Ansicht gesamt

By maximum restraint the necessary cubature of the new building is  integrated into the slope as a one-storey structure. The edge of the molasse rock demolition is integrated into the harmonious course of the slope. A hydrangea path runs across the building and leads the visitors barrier-free to the lakeshore. Due to its low height, the view from the lake shore up to the tower and castle remains. The new building avoids to compete with the historical building substance. The visible cubature on the site is reduced and the garden area increases. Especially the view from above (castle wall, hydrangea path) shows the cautiousness of the intervention, since the actual construction volume is not perceptible.

Project details

Project type: invited competition, 1st place/realisation
In collaboration with: DI Hein
Finalisation: June 2011


Wettbewerb Insel Mainau - Lageplan Wettbewerb Insel Mainau - GR