For this invited competition announced by the city of Vienna, who was looking for a construction of a mobile bar unit for the worldwide marketing of Viennese wine, a bar module, a communication module and a service module were developed.
Four of these basic cubic modules fit perfectly into the prescribed container. The individual elements can be unfolded easily within a few minutes and are then immediately ready to use. By varying the positions of the individual modules, it is possible to respond to different local situations and to change the size of the bar itself.

Loosbarmodul - Wettbwerb - Visualisierung 3D

At the bar's inauguration the precisely crafted copper case gets "blessed" with Viennese wine. The wine initiates an oxidation process which starts the aging of the bar. This continues with each new use. Thus, the refinement of the bar is done by their usage.

Loosbarmodul - Wettbwerb - Visualisierung 3D Loosbarmodul - Wettbwerb - Visualisierung 3D Loosbarmodul - Wettbwerb - Materialien

Project details

Project type: invited competition, 3rd place
In collaboration with: DI Hein
Submission: August 2009