House K³


The idea of this project was to convert a 1960's single-family house located at the edge of a forrest into a three-family house. Despite a doubling of the living space, the entire garden area could be preserved. Therefore the two attached wooden building parts project up to 5 metres without support into the base area.

Haus K³ - Foto Gesamtansicht 

Due to an entirely high insulated shell with a silver fir screen and modern building technology with a controlled building ventilation, it was even possible to reduce the heating demand despite the doubling of floor space. The concept of this contemporary three-family dwelling as compact form of living represents an alternative to the freestanding single-family home - especially in the sprawling settlement area of Vorarlberg.

Haus K³ - Foto Bestand Haus K³ - Konzept Modell Visualisierung Haus K³ - Foto Eingang Haus K³ - Foto Aussenansicht  Haus K³ - Foto Terrasse Haus K³ - Foto Innenraum Wohnküche

Project details

Project type: Realisation
Photos: Studio 22
Finalisation: June 2009
Awards: Energy Efficiency Award 2011
Vorarlberg Timber Construction Award 2011 - Distinction Award
Hypo Constructor Award 2010
BTV Constructor Award 2010 - Distinction Award