48 000 000 000 000


The evolved installation refers strongly to the local situation. The selected location is characterized by its proximity to the water, the specific form of the shore and the adjacent parks with lakeside promenades.

The three numbers refer to different water levels and indicate Lake Constance's water volume of each level in liters. The average water level of about 396 m above sea level corresponds to a volume of 48 km³ or the equivalent of 48,000,000,000,000 liters, which in turn corresponds to the annual drinking water requirement of about 1.1 million people. Changing the water level by 1 cm (!) in this area means a water volume of 5,360,000,000 liters. According to this, the altitude of the two other sculptures can be calculated.

Kunstwettbewerb UNO-Tag des Wassers - Foto

According to their message, the three objects are placed horizontally at the defined position. On the one hand they symbolize Lake Constance's tremendous water reserves, on the other hand they illustrate its change, its extreme values and average extension.
Over the years these changes are stored naturally and sensitively in the concrete's surface. This becomes part of the installation and allows it to ripen and get closer to the place over time.

Kunstwettbewerb UNO-Tag des Wassers - Foto  Kunstwettbewerb UNO-Tag des Wassers - Foto  Kunstwettbewerb UNO-Tag des Wassers - Foto Detail Kunstwettbewerb UNO-Tag des Wassers - Foto Installation

Project details

Project Status: Finalisation June 2009
Project Type: invited competition, 1st place/realisation
Location: Hard, Österreich
Occasion: UNO Day of Water


Kunstwettbewerb UNO-Tag des Wassers - Plan Ansicht