Extension country vocational school


The new design of the workshop wing takes up the width of the existing building, which are connected via a merging accessing area. The new building calms down the heterogeneous structure and fits in perfectly due to its height. Because of the orientation along the stadium road the workshop spaces and the classrooms can be expanded economically in the future. The existing playground will be relocated at the pedestrianized and protected area between the residential development and the school.

Wettbewerb Landesberufsschule Bludenz - Perspektive

The L-shaped structure matches the clear, logistical requirements of the room program. A narrow, street-side building encloses an internal schoolyard, which, in addition to strengthening the urban situation, also offers numerous functional values, such as noise abatement, wind protection and the possibility of extending classes to the outside.

The workshop boxes are additionally illuminated by a single-storey atrium on the upper floor. Because of that (energetically) uneconomical skylight constructions can be avoided. In order to prevent summer overheating the window surfaces got optimal orientated.

Wettbewerb Landesberufsschule Bludenz - Ansicht Wettbewerb Landesberufsschule Bludenz - Ansicht Wettbewerb Landesberufsschule Bludenz - Ansicht

Project details

Project type: invited competition, 2nd place
In collaboration with: DI Hein
Submission: March 2009