Vorarlberg Museum


The newly designed, solitary building homogeneously integrates into the existing structure and takes up the neighbouring houses' height from Rathaus- and Kornmarktstraße. The upper floor's projection on Kornmarktplatz supplements the square and completes it across the street to the Sparkasse and the Inselplatz. The transparent ground floor brings Kornmarktplatz inside and opens the musesum's foyer to the city centre.

Wettbewerb Vorarlberger Landesmuseum - Perspektive

A structural division of the institution Landesmuseum was repealed and thus one building was created. The old, listed part of the former Bezirkshauptmannschaft (which is like a district authority) will be integrated into the new museum and will become an exhibit, which gives the museum an additional anchorage in the area and in Vorarlberg's history.
A printed glass façade in front of the historic façade forms kind of a filter during the daytime. It ensures that the old building's structure can be experienced from the inside. After dawn, the historic façade is illuminated and thus appears as a second level. An exciting dialogue between new and old emerges.

Wettbewerb Vorarlberger Landesmuseum - Wettbewerbsmodell

Project details

Project type: invited competition/ 2nd place
In collaboration with: DI Hein
Submission: November 2007