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Due to removing some stairs the existing parental home of the clients was separated into two independent units. The groundfloor and basement are still available for the parents, while the upper floor accommodates the young family's dormitories. The interior concept is based on a split-level system, which enables a continuous spatial sequence between the different levels. In this manner a compact volume is achieved while the interior still evokes a sensation of generous spaces and exciting visual connections.

Zubau Ü Bizau - Ansicht 
Zubau Ü Bizau - Ansicht Straße Zubau Ü Bizau - Detail Fassade Zubau Ü Bizau - Ansicht Zubau Ü Bizau - Innenraum Wohnraum

Project details

Project type: Realisation
In collaboration with: DI Hein
Finalisation: September 2007


Zubau Ü in Bizau - Schnitte