Fire station


The ambitous room programme and the conditions of the property, which is partially spanned by a high voltage power line were challenging in evolving the design. The positioning of the hose tower in connection with the garage was not an easy task either.

Feuerwehrhaus in Feldkirch - Ansicht 

The design provides a clear monolithic structure twisted off the street which marks the village's new entry point when coming from the freight depot.
The facades are accentuated by precise recesses, which define the entrance and exit areas. The exposed concrete surface was provided by a fine vertical structured matrix framework which gives the building an additional fineness through the changes of daylight. In the interior special attention was paid to a reduced, functional and durable materialization. Most of the work was done by regional companies in remarkable quality.

Great emphasis was placed on forward-looking building technologies. Through optimized planning of the building envelope and building services, the world's first passive house fire station was built.This comply with the requirements of Wolfurt as an E5 community and sets new standards for future projects.

Feuerwehrhaus in Feldkirch - Ansicht West Feuerwehrhaus in Feldkirch - Ansicht  Feuerwehrhaus in Feldkirch - Anischt Fahrzeughalle Feuerwehrhaus in Feldkirch - Ansicht Stiege Feuerwehrhaus in Feldkirch - Ansicht Turm Feuerwehrhaus in Feldkirch - Detail Fassade Feuerwehrhaus in Feldkirch - Fahrzeughalle Innen 

Project details

Project type: invited competition, 1st place/realisation
In collaboration with: DI Hein
Finalisation: August 2009
Energy standard: Passive house
Award: Energy Globe Vorarlberg 2009