The new construction of the prison presents itself as an independent, self-confident building. The low height (E + 2) avoids any competition between old and new. Tension only arises because of the contrast between the clear, elongated geometry of the new building on the one hand and the richly structured and staggered old stock on the other.

Justizanstalt Feldkirch - Perspektive

The slightly advanced north facade forms the head of the new facility. In the East, the new prison is a quiet, horizontal continuation of the new building development to the Reichenfeld. The new lower structure respects the neighboring buildings. A wall which works as a boundary and space defining element in the entrance area moves away from the existing "element" and the underground car park.

Justizanstalt Feldkirch - Modellfoto Wettbewerb

Project details

Project type: open competition, 3rd place
In collaboration with: DI Hein, DI Thurnher
Submission: December 2006