Farm extension


A new detached house is planned in Schwarzenbach, close to the Burgenland border and in the southern foothills of the Rosalia Mountains. The hillside plot is characterised by an exclusive view of the surrounding hilly landscape, which extends into neighbouring Burgenland.

Juri Troy Schwarzenbach Hof Haus

The courtyard ensemble, consisting of two existing buildings, is to undergo a considerable change. Due to the dilapidated condition of an existing building, it will be demolished. A two-storey residential building with a pitched roof is planned in its place. The south-facing façade is generously glazed, while the other three sides are closed and offer privacy. Access is on the north side on the upper floor, where the bathroom is also located. The study and bedrooms are located to the south.

A single-flight staircase leads to the spacious eat-in kitchen on the lower floor. The central air space creates a charming connection between the two floors and floods the entire house with natural light. Sliding doors in the eat-in kitchen create a direct connection to the garden, creating a flowing transition from inside to outside.

The building is constructed using timber frame construction with flat insulation in between and a façade characterised by vertical battens. The use of clay building boards for the interior panelling contributes to the creation of a healthy living climate and emphasises the use of ecological materials. The detached house is heated by a heat pump. A stove also provides additional warmth and cosiness. The planned south-facing PV system will generate renewable energy and is exemplary for environmentally conscious living.

Juri Troy Schwarzenbach Hof Haus Juri Troy Schwarzenbach Hof Haus

Project details

Location: Schwarzenbach, Lower Austria
Materials: Timber frame, concrete
Energy: PV, heat pump
Area: 130 m2
Project Type: Housing
Client: Private


Juri Troy Hof-Haus Schwarzenbach Juri Troy Hof-Haus Schwarzenbach Juri Troy Hof-Haus Schwarzenbach Juri Troy Hof-Haus Schwarzenbach Juri Troy Hof-Haus Schwarzenbach