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The plot to be built on is located in a heterogeneous structure of single-family houses and forms the extension of an existing playground. The building responds to the structure of the surroundings with a differentiated shed-shaped roofscape, which, with its gable roof geometry, approximates the single-family house settlement. The roof shape allows the northern light to reach deep into the group room, providing even natural lighting and thus minimising the need for artificial light. The closed roof surfaces are sloped towards the southwest and therefore offer ideal conditions for a surface-integrated photovoltaic system.

Gruppen-Schuppen Juri Troy

The entrance area is located at the end of the forecourt and is marked by a canopy that extends over the playground and thus also guides the access via the playground. The attractive parking facilities under the canopy are intended to encourage greater use of bicycles and scooters, away from the car. From the entrance area, the foyer leads to the main entrance and across to the respective group entrance. The cloakrooms are connected as room sequences between the group rooms and thus function as access to the group room, sanitary area and at the same time as a dirt lock for the outdoor area.

Each group block has a storage room and a sanitary room. Above this there is a retreat area that makes optimal use of the excessive room light of the folding roof and is accessed via an integrated piece of furniture for a kitchenette. The day care group is given an additional ground-level retreat area that is accessible without barriers. The movement room with its dual use as an assembly hall is suitable for events such as parents' evenings, parties, etc. and forms the end of the forecourt. With its large viewing windows, it also functions as a link between the playground and the entrance area of the kindergarten. The playground area in the northeast can be connected to the open space via large gates if necessary. The redesign of the playground takes place with the inclusion of the existing trees and fixtures, which are embraced by the curved paths of the main way and thus incorporated into the overall design.

In order to build in a climate-neutral way, renewable, robust building materials from the region are to be used as construction and finishing materials. The entire structure is made up of prefabricated CLT elements that are assembled on site. Due to the high degree of prefabrication, accuracy and a short construction time can be guaranteed. Leaving the wooden surfaces visible contributes to the natural regulation of the indoor climate, ensures pollutant-free indoor air and creates an inviting cosy atmosphere.

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Project details

Project Status: Competition 2022
Location: Deutsch-Wagram, Austria
Project Type: Kindergarden


Gruppen-Schuppen Juri Troy Gruppen-Schuppen Juri Troy Gruppen-Schuppen Juri Troy