Eco-living residential house


The project is characterised by a sustainable building concept and is divided into the following elements. The base lies partly in the existing terrain and is built in in-situ concrete. It contains parking spaces for cars and bicycles, building services, garbage, pram and storage rooms. A three-storey wooden building will be placed on top. This offers space for eight flats of different sizes. The upper part is a green flat roof.

Ökoliving Wohnhaus Schneider Juri Troy

A photovoltaic system will be integrated on it. A vertical garden will be added to the south of the wooden building. This consists of a steel frame with tension wires. It serves as a filter layer that provides protection from sun, sight and noise. The microclimate that develops in it allows a pleasant stay on the terraces and balconies located there. The main entrance is located at the side of the forecourt on the projecting component, which is directly on Unterfeldstraße. From here, the building can be accessed via a central staircase with a lift. It connects all floors with each other and can also be reached via the underground car park. Differentiated open spaces are arranged around the building. A viewable arrival area is formed towards the street. To the north is a green play area with communal gardens. The private gardens to the south and east are accessed via the vertical garden to the south.

Ökoliving Wohnhaus Schneider Juri Troy

Project details

Location: Lauterach, Austria
Project Type: Housing
Materials: CLT
Client: Private
Energy: photovoltaics, heat pump with deep drilling


Ökoliving Wohnhaus Schneider Juri Troy Ökoliving Wohnhaus Schneider Juri Troy