Pavilion BUGA23


A new pavilion is planned for the Holzbau-Offensive and State Forestry Administration Baden-Württemberg exhibition at the German National Garden Show 2023 (BUGA) in Mannheim.

"This design is convincing due to the strong gesture of the surprisingly wide cantilevering light wooden roof, which arouses the curiosity of visitors to the exhibition and invites them to explore the pavilion. The seemingly floating roof vividly demonstrates the performance of wood as a building material, even to the layman. The chosen structure makes it possible in a simple way to create the use scenarios desired for the BUGA and also offers the possibility of self-appropriation. In the wooden cinema, wood as a building material is used atmospherically and can be experienced with all the senses." - Jury assessment

Buga Mannheim Troy

On the exhibition area of the "Bioeconomy Experience" in the south-eastern part of Spinelli Park, the property to be built on by the Holzbau-Offensive BW and the State Forestry Administration is integrated. The elongated structure sits on the sloping edge of the site and thus guides the visitor across the exhibition grounds. In order to do justice to the contents and demands of the Holzbau-Offensive BW, the entire pavilion is made of wood and demonstrates the possibilities of modern timber construction. The cantilevered roof seems to float. It invites visitors to linger and view the exhibition. Underneath, mobile wooden seating offers the possibility of holding events with schoolchildren, for example, protected from rain and sun. A suspended stone, at the end of the roof, opposes the heaviness of the cantilever and stabilises it by its weight. The roof rests on a solid box made of wood and a collection of supports. The arrangement of the two elements creates a sheltered space. Film presentations and small gatherings are possible in this wooden cinema. In the outdoor space, the climate trees and turning leaves are set up.

Due to the high degree of prefabrication of the individual elements, a quick and easy assembly on site is possible. The components are already brought to the construction site as assembled elements and only need to be set up there. With appropriate coordination, the entire assembly should be possible in one day. Dismantling takes place in reverse order. In the individual elements, the wooden structure can be transported to a new location and reassembled.

In order to ensure that the pavilion is as self-sufficient as possible, a PV system with an associated storage unit is installed on the roof. The structure is only equipped with the most necessary technology, which is located in the wooden box except for five LED lamps for the outdoor area. Furthermore, there is a connection for the beamer that is used for the small film presentations. This works via rear projection onto the screen in front of the opening of the wooden box.

The simple disassembly and the self-sufficient use of the pavilion suggest a subsequent use at another location. One possibility here would be to use the pavilion for an educational mission, similar to the one at the German National Garden Show.

Buga Mannheim Troy Buga Mannheim Troy Buga Mannheim Troy

Project details

Project Type: Competition 2022, 1st place - Realisation 2023
Location: BUGA23 Mannheim, Germany
Materials: CLT
Client: Ministerium für Ernährung, Ländlichen Raum und Verbraucherschutz


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