Windkraft Simonsfeld


Due to the increasing growth of the company Windkraft Simonsfeld AG in Ernstbrunn, an extension to the existing building is to be built. The new building will create additional office space as well as a new reception, restaurant and event area, which will provide space for social interaction. Special attention will be paid to the exchange within the company as well as with the customers.

The design solves the task by extending the existing building towards the street with a two-storey structure. The new building docks onto the existing building at two points and leaves a communal atrium in the centre, which functions as a connecting piece and communication area for the old and new buildings. This creates a compact cubature that interferes as little as possible with the existing building, continues it and integrates it into the new whole.

Windkraft simonsfeld troy

The ground floor houses the public area with reception, meeting rooms, restaurant and event space, which offers different qualities as a differentiated spatial continuum. The ground floor is enclosed on three sides by weather-protected open-air areas that serve as extension areas and lounges.

The new office world is located on the upper floor, which wraps around the atrium and creates a formal connection to the existing building. Direct lines of sight across the atrium enable good orientation from any point in the building.

The new building consists of a clearly gridded timber structure, which keeps maximum flexibility open for future use variants, and a solid clay core, which accommodates the access and service zone and regulates the indoor climate through an innovative energy storage concept.

"We are building for the future" is the guiding principle of the project and will be consistently pursued in the development of the new building.

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Project details

Project Type: Competition 2022, 1st place
Location: Ernstbrunn, Lower Austria
Materials: Timber construction, rammed earth
Client: Windkraft Simonsfeld AG