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The headquarters of the agricultural machinery manufacturer in Dallein has reached its limits due to constant growth of the company. In order to reunite all operating units under one roof and to give the location a new, sustainable outlook, we were commissioned to conduct an in-depth study.

The existing building is to be extended by various production and storage halls as well as a new office wing with reception, showroom, event area and canteen. A concept is being developed that integrates the existing building into a compact cubature and gives the company headquarters a new representative appearance.

Troy APV Dallein

The elevated office wing in the north brings the building closer to the street and encloses the existing building as well as an additional production hall, giving it a new face and forming the wind-protected communal courtyard. The heart of the building is a new centre that brings together all functions (such as production, reception, showroom, canteen and event areas) and creates a meeting place with a high quality of stay for employees and visitors alike. The landscaped communal courtyard promotes biodiversity. Through the planting and an additional water area, it contributes to cooling and reduces summer heat accumulation. The slender building cubature of the administration wing allows for cross-ventilation to lead the cool air from the inner courtyard into the office and common areas.

A clear building grid adapted to the requirements of timber construction brings maximum flexibility to the utilisation concept. From individual to open-plan office structures, the building can be adapted to future needs. In addition, the compact cubature allows for a later extension with production halls as well as office space and reduces the amount of sealed surface. Renewable raw materials from the region are to be used as construction and finishing materials for production halls and administration buildings. Leaving the wooden surfaces visible contributes to the natural regulation of the indoor climate.

In the long term, attractive jobs will be created by increasing the quality of work and living at the site. The location is strengthened, identification is promoted and the rural exodus is counteracted.

Troy APV Dallein Troy APV Dallein

Project details

Project Status: Study 2022
Project Type: Commercial
Location: Dallein, Austria
Client: APV - Technische Produkte GmbH
Materials: Wood


Troy Betriebsgebäude Dallein Troy Betriebsgebäude Dallein Troy Betriebsgebäude Dallein