Residential quarter Dreiklang


The large-scale urban development project Village in Dritten is based on plans by Superblock. Townhouses are to be built on a total of 17 building plots, partly in timber or timber hybrid construction. We were invited to develop a proposal for plot 3.

The design proposal "Dreiklang" solves this task by breaking down the volume into three individual components. On the one hand, the joints serve to differentiate the individual building blocks, on the other hand, the urban heat hotspot in the inner courtyard is weakened by good, natural ventilation and a high quality of stay is ensured.

The bright, compact development of the two southern components is positioned at the joints and reaches 20 residential units on each of the 6-8 storeys. The arcade serves as a connecting element of the building elements and, in combination with the joints, creates visual references to the courtyard. The northern block is designed as a 5-unit building and is accessed via the courtyard.

On the ground floor, on the park side, there is a spacious common room and a bicycle service room.  In the northern structure, flats with direct access from the courtyard are located here. Terraces and greenery ensure sufficient privacy. On the street side, studio living forms are located, which connect the main living areas on the 1st floor with the working areas on the ground floor through internal staircases. The upper floors 1-5 are designed as standard floor plans. On the 6th floor there is a second common room, home offices and access to the green roofscape.

In order to be able to build in a climate-neutral way, the entire load-bearing structure from the ground floor onwards was designed as a solid timber construction. The central load-bearing axes of the bathroom cores allow short and economical spans as well as maximum flexibility in the flat floor plans. The envelope is designed as a system of upright and horizontal timber elements with an insulating layer and a rear-ventilated façade. BSH and BSP boards are used for load-bearing interior walls and ceilings. During planning, attention was paid to reducing complexity and using highly prefabricated timber construction elements. The wet cells can be supplied as ready-made room modules.

Despite the compact building volume and the simplest load-bearing structure, a multifunctional use with a variety of different flat floor plans as well as numerous common areas can be achieved.

Project details

Project Status: Competition 2021
Project Type: Housing
Location: Vienna, Austria
Client: ARE
Materials: CLT, concrete core
Cooperation: MAGK Architekten, outside landschaftsarchitektur