Minimal House MM1W


A new residential building has been erected in the middle of a green single-family housing area in Hernals, Vienna. The elongated structure stretches from east to west and presents itself as a classic building with a gable roof. Its clear form gives it an independent position on the plot. With its compact cubature, the simple wooden building blends in with the small-scale surrounding buildings. The structure is complemented by a small outbuilding in the north, which houses a workshop.

Troy Haus MM1W Wien 2021

The compact house offers living space on two levels. The ground floor is accessed via a terrace to the east. The open-plan living space opens up the view through the building into the garden as soon as the house is entered. Bathroom, technical room, kitchenette and seating niches are integrated into the walls. This results in an open living space that faces the terrace and garden to the west. The central fireplace forms the heart of the building.

The steeply pitched roof provides space for a fully-fledged upper floor. It houses three rooms and a bathroom. Under the gable, the rooms interlock and form loft beds in the children's rooms. The deliberately positioned windows allow a view of the garden from each bedroom and light enters the rooms through skylights.

The entire room programme for the family of 4 could be accommodated on only 88 m² without a basement.

Wooden surfaces characterise the exterior as well as the interior of the building. The solid wood walls are left as exposed spruce surfaces on the inside. Vertical battens made of spruce form the façade. The building is equipped with an air-source heat pump and a PV system is integrated into the roof on the south side.

Troy Haus MM1W Wien 2021 Troy Haus MM1W Wien 2021 Troy Haus MM1W Wien 2021 Troy Haus MM1W Wien 2021

Project details

Project Status: Realisation 2022
Project Type: Housing
Location: Vienna, Austria
Client: Private
Area: 88 m2
Materials: CLT
Energy: air heat pump, PV


Troy Haus Minimalhaus MM1W Wien 2021 Troy Haus Minimalhaus MM1W Wien 2021 Troy Haus Minimalhaus MM1W Wien 2021