Housing complex Starkfriedgasse


The site is located in the middle of a small-scale structure of villas and apartment buildings, with a view of the vineyards. As part of an invited competition, a residential complex with about 25 flats was to be built in Pötzleinsdorf in Vienna. By dividing the volume into three structures, the buildings fit into the loosened neighbouring buildings. The planned 4-storey residential buildings extend from north to south and open up views into the garden.

The housing complex is broken up by the individual buildings jumping back and forth, thus creating a differentiated face towards the street and the communal garden. The cubature of the buildings is further developed with the help of bay windows and staggered storeys. In this way, three individual volumes are created that fit back into their surroundings in terms of scale.

TROY Wohnbau Starkfriedgasse Wien

When developing the flats, great attention was paid to individual qualities and views. The common rooms are oriented towards the south or towards the communal garden with a view of the vineyards. The bay windows serve as an extension of the living space as well as for lighting and also allow views into the greenery.

The staircases are accessed via the spaces between the buildings. The central structure contains ancillary rooms such as the pram and rubbish room, which are centrally accessible from all buildings.

The timber building has a simple, clear load-bearing structure with a load-bearing central wall. The slender structures allow for short and therefore economical spans.

TROY Wohnbau Starkfriedgasse Wien

Project details

Project Status: Competition 2021
Project Type: Housing
Location: Vienna
Client: Raiffeisen WohnBau GmbH
Area: 2206m2
Materials: Wood construction


TROY Wohnbau Starkfriedgasse Wien TROY Wohnbau Starkfriedgasse Wien TROY Wohnbau Starkfriedgasse Wien TROY Wohnbau Starkfriedgasse Wien TROY Wohnbau Starkfriedgasse Wien