Green house


A slightly northwards sloping hillside plot with plenty of fruit trees provided the exciting starting point for this single-family home. The concept is based on sensitive observations of the influences, qualities and characteristics of the picturesque site above Feldkirch. They were concentrated above a reduced base-storey so that each room - each function - gives a direct response to the analysis of the above mentioned site features including considerations on orientation, view, expanse and lightning atmosphere. The concrete construction remains visible in the interior and is enriched by implants of soft surface and warm colors. The "tree house" forms the intimate upper end of the complex spatial sequence with a view of the Swiss mountains panorama.

Grünes Haus - Anischt von oben
Grünes Haus - Ansicht von unten Grünes Haus - Ansicht Seite Grünes Haus - Detail Fenster Fassade Grünes Haus - Ausblick auf Baum Grünes Haus - Durchblick Raumsequenzen

Project details

Project type: Realisation
In collaboration with: DI Hein
Finalisation: February 2007
Photos: Robert Fessler


Grünes Haus in Feldkirch - Schnitt